CBE Specimen

ACCA will be introducing an improved student experience for all exams available by CBE. At the same time, for the ACCA qualification F1-F3 and the Foundations in Accountancy equivalent exams (FAB, FMA and FFA) new question types, known as multi-task questions (MTQs) will be introduced. MTQs contain a series of tasks which relate to one or more scenarios.

When MTQs are introduced, the structure of these exams will change so ensure you access the right support materials for the exam you are taking. Please note that the syllabus content will not change except for ACCA's normal annual updates.

We are targeting the second half of February 2014 for these changes. Please check back regularly for updates on the confirmed launch date. In the meantime, to prepare you for the exam you will be sitting, we have provided you with specimen exams in both the current and new formats.

To sit the current format specimen CBEs click here.
To sit the new format specimen CBEs click here.